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Halloween Kids Puzzles

This app has lots of Halloween puzzle fun with nothing scary or spooky for young gamers!

4.5 stars on iTunes App Store

Halloween Kids PuzzlesiTunes App Store4.5

hkp1Are your kids excited for Halloween? Do they love pumpkins, black cats, candy and costumes? Then they will love Halloween Kids Puzzles, a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1-6.

Your kids can go trick-or-treating with a friendly Count Dracula, Frankenstein and his girlfriend, a Fairy Princess, a pirate and a werewolf! Spot carved pumpkins, black cats on fences and witches flying by the moon. All the animals get in on the costume fun- cats dress like dogs, dogs dress like cats, there’s even a Unicorn Bat! You can go to a Halloween dance party- get down with the Mummy and do the Robot with a Robot. Just don’t linger too near the haunted house… there might be ghosts!

Halloween Kids Puzzles has lots of seasonal fun with nothing scary or spooky for young gamers!


Featured by Google Play in their Spooky Apps section!


* Rich, colorful graphics by children’s book illustrator Laura Tallardy.
* 12 different Halloween puzzles to choose from!
* Positive encouragement.
* Fun pumpkins to pop at the end of each puzzle that explode into candy corn!
* Increasing difficulty.
* Easy for kids to use and control.

Note for Parents

This app:
– Does not contain ads
– Does not contain links to social networks
– Does not use data collection tools
– Does contain an in-app purchase for the full version
– Does include links to apps by Scott Adelman and Laura Tallardy in the App Store (via Link Share/Georiot).
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