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Find the Differences: Fine Art Edition

Spot the five differences in beautiful classical art paintings by the fine art painting masters!

3.5 stars on iTunes App Store

Find the Differences: Fine Art EditioniTunes App Store3.5

ftd-faeAre you ready to test your brain’s attention-to-detail skills?? This new app will have you searching for hidden differences in tons of gorgeous paintings. Each painting has five subtle differences- can you find them all and become a Difference Finding Master?!

Twenty-four levels have lush paintings from the era of French and American impressionistic painting. Expand your cultural horizons with this virtual art gallery! You’ll love carefully searching the masterful paintings and finding details you never noticed before- truly a feast for the eyes. The works of Vincent van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, Mary Cassatt, Auguste Renoir and more are yours to behold on your mobile device. Learn art history as you browse through the gorgeous portraits, landscapes, seascapes, animals and flowers by impressionism painters.

The game will give you hints where to look more carefully if you need help finding all the differences. Celebrate with fireworks when you find all of them in time!
This educational puzzle game is great for art students or the whole family! All images are appropriate for all ages.

-This app includes 12 levels, 6 levels are free to try and the rest are available via an in-app purchase.
-No third party advertisements.
-Internet connection not required to play.
-Does not contain links to social networks.

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